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Colerain Township was first settled in the spring of 1790 by a surveyor, John Dunlap, who named the settlement after his birthplace of Coleraine, Ireland. In 1794, Coleraine was established as a Township and the “e” at the end of Coleraine was dropped sometime later, Americanizing the name Colerain. The villages of Barnesburg, Bevis, Dunlap and Groesbeck were established in the early 1800’s along Blue Rock and Colerain Roads, two of the oldest roads in the area. German immigrants farmed the southwestern portion between 1840 and 1870, heavily influencing the township’s cultural and architectural traditions.

The Barnes family was one such family actively involved in the very beginning of the development of the area in 1848. They held many key occupations of the day: farmer, cooper and blacksmith, wagon maker, stone mason, plumber, florist, teacher and carpenter among others.

The original Barnesburg Tavern operated for many years on the left side of Old Blue Rock Road going north. In 1874 when Barnesburg built a Post Office it was also housed in the tavern. Today, located in the same general area where these early pioneers settled and lived a new dream has come to life. A few friends and entrepreneurs are realizing the dream of a long-talked about venture of operating a tavern & grille. We’re thrilled to have you join us on our journey to provide wonderful service and delicious foods and drinks to you, our customers.

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